Water Genasi Druid


Vaitiare stand a 5’7" feet tall, my skin is light azure like the sky, 130 lbs, athletic build, and I have grey eyes like a misty harbor morn. My hair is white and hangs down to my waist but when I am around large bodies of water it turns sea blue. I wear leather armor and brandish a scimitar. I’m usually cloaked as I have found those that don’t know me tend to fear me for what I am. What am I?…I am the giver of life, I flow through all, I am the sea, with all it’s beauty and fury.


I was born in the large coastal city of Waterdeep. My father (Shaad) was a water djinn of great renown. I never knew him but according to my mother he had a great dynasty in the Elemental Plane of Water. He was known as Maxios the Protector. He guarded the Sea of Ice from Air Elemental invaders… or so she told me. I guess that is why I am so at home on the Sea and why I am also a sailor by trade. My mother taught me the ways of the Old Faith. My mother was a great adventurer. On one of her expeditions across the Great Sea her ship was run asunder by a rogue storm. She swore it to be a magical storm for she could predict the tempest… normally. Whether it be fate or magic, this storm brought her into the arms of my father. As she sank deeper and deeper into the brine and the darkness closed in around her she saw a blue light. That blue light was Shaad and a great love ensued. I, Vaitaire, was the product of that great love. I inherited the power to fly through the water from my father and I learned the ways of nature from my mother. Inevitably, adventure runs through my veins. I find my self in the town of Triboar… why? Call it women’s intuition. Something drew me here. I feel a great unbalance in the forces of nature. I’ve never been this far away from the sea… maybe that’s why I feel like this?


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