A Temple is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

Lord of Lance Rock

Recap 10/8 & 10/22

After the party finish knocking back a few drinks and talking to a few of the locals they retired for the night.  In the morning they started their trek to Lance Rock to investigate.  After a several hour walk, they finally arrive at the famous landmark to discover a barely visible trail that leads to a patch of shrubbery a few hundred feet away.  A small opening in the brush leads the adventurers further to find an open hilly area where they were met with a most foul odor.  They followed the rank stench of death to a cave opening and carefully proceeded to enter.  They discover the nature of the stench is a corpse that lay motionless on the floor about 50 feet inside the cave.  The corpse was really a zombie that animated as soon as they approached it and attacked. However, they dispatched of the threat with little effort and continued onward.  The passageway led them to a cavernous room with a big, flat boulder in the center of it.  The party haphazardly walks right into an ambush of two zombies that throw boxes of rocks on the party from a ledge above.  They are not too worse for wear after the ordeal and dispatch these two undead miscreants as well.  A passageway to the north and another to the south.  They choose north and are met with a most disturbing sight.  Well Nish is… as he volunteers to explore the room first. He finds a room with over a dozen skeletons/corpses laying up against the walls of the cavern.  Nish, not wanting to disturb this potential undead swarm, decides it not worth the effort to explore and diligently retreats back to his companions.  "There's a baker's dozen of corpses in there, some rotten to the bone.  A few old weapons… rusty… nothing of value at first glance.  What do you think we should do?" asks the gnome.  Alen replies, " Oh shoot! I think I left my kettle on the fire back at the Red Larch place, you know at the Inn of the Swinging … you know guys sorry but I'm going to have go put that out you know cause eeek fires and wooden buildings… that's not a good…. well see ya!" Perplexed, the adventurers see the old boy make his way back out of the cave.  "Aye! where's Vaitiare, damn she's gone again", proclaimed Sir Lowbrow.  Then Nish hears a low cry for help from the room he just left.  The party decides to investigate and several skeletons emerge and prepare for battle.  Among the dead are two naked humanoids barely alive and with several small scars all over their bodies.  The newest victims of the self proclaimed Lord of Lance Rock.  The party rescues the dwarf and half-orc and cut right through their guardians.  The dwarf brawler, Thorrus Slagfury (fighter/barbarian) and mage, Keth (wizard) introduce themselves and thank the group.  They are anxious to get revenge on the necromancer and get their gear back, so the intros are cut short by the barb…"Let's get goin I've got a score to settle with that two bit death dealer!" They proceed down another corridor that leads to a star shaped room with various crevasses in the walls but only two look passable.  They choose the one that they know leads to the necro's "work" area.  Thorrus, desperate to get to the bashing, throws all care to the wind and triggers a trap…."Aye me fucking axe!!! Oooh thats sharp". The party emerges on the other end of that long corridor and finds a huge room filled with undead and the Lord of Lance Rock as well!  The necro orders his fiends to attack the characters and then makes a curious retreat elsewhere in the lair. The skeletons ready their bows and take position behind a huge natural rock formation that protrudes from the southern wall. The party takes cover as well. Nish finds himself trying to hide behind a natural stone table that has blood all over it with buckets nearby filled with body parts.  The rest of the party tries to take cover from the onslaught of skeleton arrows or tries to advance on the archers to take their ranged advantage from them.  Nish suddenly finds out that his plan to hide was not as good a plan as he had hoped.  The buckets filled with body parts also have some animated hands that come swarming out at him and overrun the poor gnome.  The party concentrates their attacks on these crawling claws and manages to rescue the gnome from a gruesome death.  Sir Lowbrow healed the rogue and he came to again "Um where am I? Could somebody give me a hand over ere?". The party suffered several volleys before they could reach the skeleton archers but when they did, the brave monk, wizard and fighter/barbarian pounded them into a large heap of bones.  Now the adventurers must brave on to meet the Lord of Lance Rock and hopefully exact their revenge.  For the others, possibly find out what exactly this nemesis is doing here and if he's responsible for the awkward rumors of elemental evil being spread like the proprietor of the Swinging Sword proclaims…



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