A Temple is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

Caged Again!


The battle ensued and the cages began to drop once more.  "We are the Bringers of Woe and we are here to reward your curiosity.  Drop your weapons, resistance is futile!"  The adventures were certain the man pulling the strings here was Ilmeth but when he hit the dirt, the bandits did not desist.  They soon realized that these bandits / "Bringers of Woe" answered to another power.  Ilmeth dropped quickly too.  He was not a veteran or military man by any standard, as he presumed to portray himself.  Nevertheless, his death may have to be explained to contable Harburk.  And as for the "half wit, half-orc" Grund, who stood with the group on the eastern end of the corridor, well, he was definitely not leader material.  He was so nervous he could barely keep his crossbow from shaking as he tried to fire on the PCs.  Enallis saw through this ruse, however.  The half-elf's keen fey eyesight together with his human intuition, noticed that Grund was missing the group on purpose.  Grund was noticeably nervous and uncomfortable.  Enallis even thought he saw a touch of remorse and resentment in the half-orcs' eyes. Whatever the case, Enallis was sure Grund was more scared of the Bringers of Woe than the adventurers were and there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that the half-orc's bolt flew true…. right into the stone wall by his face as it were.  

It didn't take long for the PCs to maul the bandits down, literally.  Orfil's bear form had devastated the bowmen's line and it wasn't long till the bandits were running for dear life.  Well, some of them anyways, the men on the eastern end of the corridor seemed more confident, as if they had a fall back plan or something.  Alpheus fought bravely but was overwhelmed and fell.  The bandits planned to take full advantage of the situation and drag Alpheus limp body away further into the Tomb of Moving Stones.  However, a quick heal from the Blue Lady's devoted vicar and Alpheus was not so easy to capture anymore.  Realizing that they were running out of options the two bandits that were left standing in the east, ran for the door.  Grund was not so quick and reached the door just as the bandits were closing it behind them.  Grund begged them to open the door for him but to no avail.  The bandits proceeded to lower the cages once again and trap some of the PCs.  Grund begged for his life, "Please open the door…Grund hasn't done anything, please don't let me die out here".  Meanwhile, as the PCs contemplated this familiar scenario of being trapped once again… the spyhole on the door opened to reveal one of the bandits holding a young boy of no more than 10 years old with a dagger pressed to his throat.  "Drop your weapons and surrender to the Bringers of Woe or we'll kill the boy!", exclaimed the distraught bandit.  The party all looked at each other and pondered their next move.  No one wanted the blood of an innocent boy on their hands and there were very few options left in their present situation.  The sound of weapon after weapon clanging on the floor in surrender had not yet finished reverberating through the corridor, when to everyone's amazement (except perhaps Orfil), the blade in the bandit's hand became covered in blood.  The life faded from the small boy's eyes as the laughter from the Bringers of Woe clamored throughout the chamber like a beating drum upon the heads of the adventurers.  "Hahahahah you fools!  The earth makes no bargain and neither do the Bringers of Woe hahahaha.  Come brother, Larrakh will know what to do with these meddlesome intruders"….

After a few moments Grund says, "They are gone, I will lift the cages but you must promise to let Grund go free.  Grund is innocent, I didn't do anything wrong.  You must believe me!"  There were mixed feelings about this but in the end the party agreed to appease the half-orc…. mostly.  Some, took more convincing that others to believe that Grund was on the up and up and should be trusted.  Alpheus persisted, "This will NOT end well!  He cannot be trusted!  I cannot believe… (yawn) that um so tired… the half-orc set the cages on uuussss (YAWN) before… He'll juuuust"…. Enallis continued to chant in a low soothing voice, "Sleep Alpeus, it will all be ok, just sleeeeeep, you are among friends here, no one will hurt you, just sleeeeeep".  Alpheus' body hit the floor once again.  This time with a much more prominent clash as his chainmail heavy body thud against the floor and his shield went flying towards one of the bars of the cage.  "Quickly friend…" proclaimed Enallis, "We believe you.  Go on and raise the trap and we will let you go free".  The half-orc kept his word and so did the party.  And after some light questioning, Grund was allowed to go free.  "What? Where am… how did I get on the floor?" said Alpheus as he came to, "No, no… Yes I understand sure no problem it had to be done, no hard feelings…."… Alpheus darted to the open door with the intent of close it behind the party.  Orfil jumped and quickly challenged Alpheus before he could get the drop on them.  The two were at a tug of war for a few seconds but Orfil finally won and managed to keep Alpheus from his dastardly plans.  Nish storms in as the rogue voice of reason, "Everyone just calm down! We've got more serious problems at hand".  Alpheus replies with frustration in his voice, "I was just trying to make a point!" 

The party now stood in a square chambers that had been hewn out of the rock. On the west wall is a set of iron bars bolted into the wall about three feet above the floor. Ten oiled chains are secured to the bars, leading up to a hole bored in the ceiling. Another solid stone door is in the middle of the east wall. An eight-foot-tall rectangular stone stands upright in the rooms center. The stone has an inscription on it that reads…"Displease not the Delvers"…  At the foot of the standing stone a few rocks lay scattered on the floor along with some human excrement.  And on the floor near the western door the still warm, blood drained boy's corpse, laying in a pool of blood…



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