A Temple is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

Sneaky Gnome Dropping Eaves

Forinzo Fomas

Forinzo Fomas


Fuckin Urlam, does he think I'm some two bit sell-sword that can't find work elsewhere? He's lucky the caravan is only going to Red Larch. If he'da sent me to Everlund with this scrawny bunch, I'da told him to shove his gold right up his arse! Fortunately, he's payin more than normal and he's payin for layover. Sure is nice sittin on my pretty arse making 4 gold a day for watching the rain come down. And besides, the southern roads are not nearly as treacherous… Well there is that one caravan that totally disappeared about two tenday ago. That's about the time this blasted rain started up. I wish this fuckin monsoon would dry up yea.  I just want to get this job under my belt already! The thought of a'ving to unskin my sword alongside this group of cunts, makes my stomach turn. A band of merry elves, a fairy loving gnome, and a wench?! Is Urlam fuckin serious! Pfff at least I think she's a wench. She don't get up from under her cloak for nobody. Pale blue skin…she'll likely get the lot of us infected with whatever she got. And to make things worse, she looks to be the strongest one of the bunch HAH! I asked one of the elves the other day to pull his metal and when he did I swore I was looking at ole one-eyed Clyde's cock, long and skinny like a fletch Harhar! I seds to him "Oye, what'dya plan on doing with that skinny plank totter?" And eee sed, ahem, (imitating an uppity elven tone), "it's a raper sir!" AAAAHAHA then I sed "Aye it sure is totter I feel like I just got fucked!" hahaha…



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