Alen Feywind

Half-Elf who mixes martial and magical skills




Sometimes people are born into a place they don’t quite belong. In the more unfortunate case of Alen Feywind, he was born into two places he didn’t belong. His mother Tisha and his father Kelren were once famous adventurers. Roaming the lands of Faerun performing heroic deeds for a living. When they found out they were going to have a baby, they decided to settle down. Once they stopped adventuring, they decided it was the only thing they had in common. Kelren decided to live his dream of a scholar in Candlekeep. Tisha stayed in Baldur’s Gate joining the Flaming Fist. Alen spent his childhood split between these two places. Becoming more elf like and intelligent when spending time with his father in Candlekeep. Then more human like when he would spend time with his mother in Baldur’s Gate. His mother helped him develop his martial skills while his father his magical abilities.
Alen never quite fit in no matter which parent he was spending time with. The kids on the streets of Baldur’s Gate saw him as a know it all. While the young scholars in Candlekeep saw him as an idiot from the street of Baldur’s Gate. Bullied in both places for being different. He has scars from being beat up on the streets on Baldur’s Gate. Some of the other younger scribes would play magical pranks on him. Once they tried to use a spell to turn his hair white for a week. It turns out the spell they used is permanent. All Alen’s body hair as a result is a stark white.
When Alen became of age, he let his parents know he wanted more out of life than that of a mercenary or a scholar. He wanted to become an adventurer like the stories they had told him about their travels. They understood and volunteered to help him get off on the right foot. Working as a team for the first time in 25 years they forged a magic rapier for their son. They labored for months pouring martial and magical knowledge into its construction. When they finally presented the blade to their son he was shocked. Although being a magnificently made blade he could not see anything magical about it. His parents explained that when the time was right the enchantments they had placed on it would manifest themselves. He then dubbed the blade Acquiesce. Saying “This blade will provide me with what I need, when I most need it.” He left his mother and father to find a place where he could forge his own path.
Alen is six feet tall with white hair. He fights with his rapier Acquiesce and a special dueling blade used for parring attacks. Using the training from both his parents he mixes his martial and magical skills to great effect. When around humans he takes on his common man persona, and he goes by Al-en. When around elves and high born he uses his persona he developed around his father, and he goes by A-len. This habit has been ingrained into him and he always tries to change himself to suit what he thinks those around him would want. He never quite succeeds. One-day Alen might discover who he truly is and maybe even find a group of people who accept him as that man.

Alen Feywind

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